Email Marketing Software That Drives Results

Free for up to 300 emails per day. Unlimited contacts.

Email marketing software for all budgets

Brevo’s email marketing software is free for up to 300 emails/day and an unlimited number of subscribers. Paid plans starting as low as $25 for 20,000 emails/month. No credit card required.

Whether you’re a small business, blogger, startup, or large enterprise, our all-in-one marketing platform has all you need to scale a multi-channel marketing strategy. 

Combine email with automation tools, SMS, live chat, Facebooks ads, and more for even bigger results.

Email marketing software built for deliverability

Land in the inbox. ISPs like Gmail and Outlook aren’t designed for mass email sends. Brevo is your partner for delivering email campaigns and transactional emails to the inbox. Our servers are actively monitored to ensure the best email deliverability rates.

Protected sender reputations

Rigorous anti-spam policy to protect the sender reputation of our shared IP addresses.

  • Validation process to keep spammers out 
  • Only accepts 100% opt-in email lists
  • Hard bounce contacts are automatically blocked
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Avoid the spam folder

We do everything we can to help ensure your emails reach the inbox.

  • Actively managed SMTP servers
  • Dedicated IPs for high volume senders
  • A team of experienced email deliverability experts
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Send up to 300 emails per day completely free.

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Integrate your email marketing software with other tools

Brevo’s email API, SMTP server, and selection of email plugins lets you send emails directly through third-party apps and websites.

Email plugins for ecommerce

Connect your emailing software to Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, Magento, Prestashop, and more. 

  • Send transactional emails over SMTP relay
  • Set up abandoned cart emails
  • Synchronize ecommerce email subscribers
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Send marketing emails through WordPress

Sync your email marketing tool with WordPress.

  • Manage and send newsletters from WordPress
  • Add email signup forms to your site
  • Enjoy better email deliverability rates
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Up to 300 emails per day completely free. No credit card required.

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Grow an engaged audience

Brevo’s email marketing software lets you build an audience and practise permission-based marketing in line with the GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act.

Subscription forms

Eye-catching signup forms to place on your website and share on social media.

  • Drag & Drop editor for signup forms
  • Multi-list subscription for easy segmentation
  • Update preference forms & unsubscribe pages
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Double opt-in

Safeguard your email list with double opt-in. 

  • Custom confirmation emails and welcome messages
  • Proof of consent record for each contact profile
  • Unsubscribe link in the footer of all emails
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24/7 Support

Our customer support team is available to answer questions in six languages. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)’s free plan offers support by email while paid plans include further options for live chat and phone support.

Do more with automation

Trigger custom automation workflows and autoresponders based on email activity and website behavior. Ready-made email sequences and templates help you get set up quickly. Automate to capture every opportunity.

Integrate with other tools

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)’s email API, SMTP relay, and selection of email plugins make it easy to send emails directly through third-party apps and websites. Enjoy custom-built plugins for WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more.

Data & analytics to guide your email marketing strategy

Advanced reporting features to set you data and insights to consistently improve your email marketing campaigns.

Real-time statistics

Analyze campaign performance in real time as it’s being sent out.

  • Key campaign metrics & events (deliveries, clicks, bounces)
  • Clear and easy to digest data for rapid analysis
  • Identify areas of opportunity
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A/B testing

Find the approach that gets the best reaction out of your audience.

  • Try different email subject lines and content
  • Understand what generates engagement
  • Adjust your email strategy based on A/B test results
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Give your newsletter a standout design

Brevo’s email design toolbox has all the functionality you need to create professional-looking emails. No graphic design skills required.

Free drag and drop email builder.

Email builder

Select the content blocks (headers, text boxes, images, etc.) and ‘drop’ them into the email body. 

  • Quick, intuitive Drag and Drop email builder
  • Test how the email looks on different devices
  • Option to code emails from scratch with HTML editor
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Template gallery of free email templates with Brevo's drag-and-drop or html email builder.

Email template gallery

Brevo’s free email marketing software gives you access to an extensive template gallery. 

  • 40+ templates ready for immediate use
  • Save time and get inspiration
  • Customize to match your brand using Drag and Drop
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Responsive design

Email that are automatically mobile-friendly without any extra effort or coding.

  • Emails that fit all screen sizes
  • Preview emails on different devices
  • Create a consistently good subscriber experience
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Free for up to 300 emails a day.

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Email marketing software with multi-channel marketing tools

Brevo's email marketing platform comes equipped with all the tools you need for a multichannel marketing strategy.

SMS Marketing

Reach customers wherever they are with personalized SMS messages.

Transactional Email

Manage marketing and transactional emails all under one roof as part of your monthly plan.

Sales Platform

Build stronger relationships by keeping track of all your customer details in one place.


Connect with leads and customers in real time for a seamless website experience.

Landing Page Builder

Create custom landing pages for your campaigns to drive conversions.

Facebook Ads

Launch ads to retarget contacts or reach new audiences based on your contact lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email marketing software?

Also known as an ESP (Email Service Provider) or email marketing service, email marketing software lets you send and manage email marketing campaigns. Typically, it also lets you manage email lists, email design elements, and analyze campaign performance.


Email marketing software is specially designed to deliver marketing emails to a large number of recipients. Unlike free email providers like Gmail and Outlook which are only intended for one-to-one sending. If you try to send an email campaign with Gmail, there’s a high chance it’ll end up in the spam folder.

What is the best email marketing software?

Brevo’s email marketing offers a user-friendly, powerful service at great value for money. Prices are based on the number of emails sent rather than number of contacts stored. Email deliverability is a top priority for us and we have a team of experts working round the clock to help deliver your emails to the inbox. 


For in-depth comparisons between email marketing tools, check out our list of the best email marketing services and the best Mailchimp alternatives.

What are the different types of marketing emails you can send?

Examples of different types of marketing emails include:

Is email marketing hard?

Getting started with email marketing is easy when you choose a user-friendly tool like Brevo. There are plenty of options to import your contact list or start a brand new list using email signup forms. Design tools like the Drag and Drop editor make it easy to create eye-catching email designs.

As most marketers would agree, the hard part about email marketing is finding the balance between helpful/interesting content and promoting your business. Try different content approaches to see what gets the best engagement from your audience. This means experimenting with different subject lines, calls to action, images, sending times, and more. 

Once you nail down the approach that works best for your business, email is a relatively cheap and easy channel to maintain.

How do you write a marketing email?

  • Start by setting out the goal of your marketing email: Why are you sending this email and what do you want to achieve?
  • Determine the value for the reader: What’s in it for them and what do you want them to do after reading?
  • Write the email copy keeping your goal and main message in mind.
  • Keep sentences short and easy to read.
  • Include the call-to-action.
  • Craft an intriguing email subject line.
  • Once you have the copy, it’s time for the design. Add relevant images and buttons using Brevo’s Drag and Drop email editor.