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In Brevo's email marketing course, you will learn email marketing from the ground up. Upon completion of the certification, you'll have the knowledge to create an email marketing strategy that effectively builds lasting engagement and stronger relationships with your customers as you grow and scale your business!

Learn email marketing the way it should be done from our email marketing experts as they show you hands-on practical tips and give you insights from the latest market trends! Get expert advice on how to handle personalized contact management, segmentation, optimizing your campaign's performance, and growing your subscriber list with compelling signup forms.

This course is designed to give you the full view on how to become a successful email marketer! Give your career a boost by getting the email marketing certification!

If you are an experienced marketer you can instead get an email marketing certification by taking a 5-minute quiz. If you pass the quiz, you will receive the same certification as Brevo Academy graduates.

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Looking to expand your existing marketing operations? The marketing automation course will enhance your knowledge of how automation can help you run automation campaigns on autopilot. The Marketing automation course is for both beginners and advanced marketers and is perfect for experienced business owners that want to see fast, impactful results in their existing marketing strategy.

If you are an experienced marketer you can instead get a marketing automation certification by taking a 5-minute quiz.

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4 Hours

63 Videos

8 Quizzes

Who is this email marketing course for?

Brevo (ex Sendinblue)’s extensive email marketing certification course is expertly designed for beginners and advanced marketers alike! We take a pedagogical approach to covering each aspect of email marketing in detail from the ground up.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to step up his/her email marketing game: email marketing managers, CRM managers, online marketing managers, content managers, and even sales managers; as well as CEOs, CMOs, individual consultants, and agencies.

If you are an experienced marketer you can instead get an email marketing and a marketing automation certification by taking a 10-minute quiz. If you pass the exam, you will receive the same certification as Brevo (ex Sendinblue) Academy graduates :

Get certified as an email marketing expert!

Learn everything you need to know about email marketing – from email deliverability, to A/B testing, and even the GDPR.

After finishing this email marketing training certification, you will receive your personal expert certificate. You can add this to your CV or LinkedIn to show that you are an email marketing expert. This can help increase your career opportunities within your company as well, and prove that you know how to use email marketing successfully.

Learn how to use a professional email marketing tool with confidence, increase your market value, and actively contribute to the success of your company with your newly acquired knowledge. Success knows no boundaries. Continuing education with Brevo (ex Sendinblue) Academy can help you justify your next salary increase and give you more job security.

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The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

(Module 1 | 23 min | 5 videos)

  • Basic terms of email marketing
  • What advantages does email marketing offer?
  • What goals can you pursue with email marketing?
  • Email deliverability: How does it work?
  • What requirements should a newsletter software meet?
  • How do you know if email marketing is the right channel for you?
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Introduction to Brevo (ex Sendinblue)

(Module 2 | 19 min | 6 videos)

  • How to create an account in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to add contacts to your Brevo (ex Sendinblue) account
  • How to create your first campaign in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to create a sender in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • Brevo (ex Sendinblue)’s pricing plan
  • Overview of all Brevo (ex Sendinblue) apps
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Data Protection in Email Marketing

(Module 3 | 25 min | 4 videos)

  • General information on data protection
  • What is the EU GDPR?
  • How to follow GDPR in your email marketing?
  • How to sign a DPA with Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Managing Contacts & Segmentation in Email Marketing

(Module 4 | 39 min | 10 videos)

  • Overview of the general contact management in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • Difference between engaged and unengaged contacts
  • What are validated and flagged contacts?
  • How do you blacklist contacts at Brevo (ex Sendinblue)?
  • How to manage contact lists in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to effectively apply segmentation in email marketing
  • How to use segmentation and filters in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to create customized contact attributes
  • Lead scoring in email marketing
  • How to implement a lead scoring process in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Growing Your Subscriber List

(Module 5 | 41 min | 11 videos)

  • Reasons for a newsletter subscription
  • What added value do you offer in your subscription form?
  • Where do you place your subscription form?
  • What other methods and tactics are there for generating more subscriptions?
  • How to create a signup form at Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • Expert Tip: How welcome emails boost your list growth
  • How to create a welcome workflow at Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • Common use cases for a profile update form
  • How to create a profile update form in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • The ideal unsubscribe process for newsletters
  • How to create an unsubscribe page at Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Campaigns & Reporting in Email Marketing

(Module 6 | 53 min | 13 videos)

  • How to use the editor at Brevo (ex Sendinblue) to create professional emails
  • How to get a personalized premium template at Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • Overview of Email Marketing KPIs
  • How to analyze the reports and statistics in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Boosting Your Email Marketing KPIs

(Module 7 | 30 min | 6 videos)

  • What does the email marketing conversion funnel look like?
  • How can you optimize your delivery rate?
  • How to get a dedicated IP at Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How can you optimize your open rate?
  • How can you optimize your click rate?
  • How can you minimize your unsubscribe rate?
  • What is Responsive Design and why is it important for optimizing conversion?
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A/B Testing in Email Marketing

(Module 8 | 27 min | 5 videos)

  • Why should you do A/B testing for your email marketing?
  • What elements can you test using A/B testing?
  • How do you set up an A/B test strategy?
  • 8 real world examples of A/B tests
  • How to create an A/B test in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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How do I register for the email marketing training and certification course?

The videos of the email marketing training course are accessible without having to register. To get to the content for each module, you can click on the button for any module mentioned above to arrive on the dedicated page for that training module. In order to become certified as an email marketing expert, you’ll need to take the exam at the end of the course. In order to take the exam, you will need to register for the final exam at Personal information such as first name and last name will be requested so that it is included on your personalized email marketing certificate at the end of the course.

Is prior knowledge of email marketing necessary?

No previous knowledge in email marketing is required to successfully complete this email marketing class. Everything you need to know for the exam you will find in the videos. After successfully passing the exam at the end of the course, you will receive your own email marketing certification.

What is the total duration of the email marketing course?

The email marketing class is composed of 8 modules with a total of 63 videos, which totals to around 4 hours. The videos last between 2 to 10 minutes. Each video has a video length indicator, so you can plan your learning session according to your own pace when viewing a module. A final exam follows at the end of the course. You should plan for at least 60 minutes for this exam.

How many attempts do I have to pass the final exam?

In order to receive the email marketing certification, you must pass the final exam with a 70% score or better. You aren’t limited in the number of attempts.

Does the email marketing certificate expire?

Since email marketing belongs to the fast moving technical based communication, there will be always new possibilities coming our way. To keep up with the modern technology, we will update our email marketing course in the future. That’s why our email marketing certification expires after one year.

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